Making Homes. Naturally.
We design, build and alter homes with a difference.

Natural, Sustainable and Healthy.

Perhaps you'd prefer to live in a healthier home, free of harmful toxins, built with natural materials, such as wood and other locally sourced materials. A home designed to be finely tuned to its natural environment in following the path of the sun, and opening out to the views beyond. In other words, a home that is better for your wellbeing and kinder to the planet. If so, then then you might be interested in an Inhabited home, custom designed and built, or your own home remodelled, to meet the quality of life you've come to expect - feel free to browse further, or get in touch.

'Touching the Ground Lightly'.

In the way we design and build, we strive to 'touch the ground lightly' by minimising resources and waste, by avoiding harmful materials and products, and by sensitively responding to the places in which we build. We try to keep it local. We involve you at every stage, mindful of your budget, and we design around your needs with state of the art construction management software, and let you see your new home or extension before we build it with our computer modelling capabilities.